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Pre-ICO is live! Current price: $0.04
250% bonus on Public Sale

4,200,000 tokens sold
$14,000 = 350,000 Avence tokens
Min buyin: $14,000
27,678,000 tokens remaining
A man working on his computer and receiving an Avence Token
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Proof of Human

Proof of Human (PoH) is a brand new protocol which makes people decisions and analysis the hearth of the blockchain. Each transaction must be validated by a human in order to pursue a final confirmation. Being part of the network gives you the power to complete the blockchain, block by block.

A man working for Avence on his tablet.
Representation of big datas interacting with Avence

Big data & Blockchain

Companies will push their Big data into the Avence blockchain, creating a pending transaction. Workers (humans) will confirm the data piece by piece to pursue the confirmation of the transaction. The confirmation will result to a full analysis of the data.


Avence Token

Avence Token is the solar power of the blockchain. Companies will have to bid each block to push the data. Workers (humans) will get a fair and equal piece of Avence token for their work analysis.

Representation of some Avence Tokens
Representation of Avence Intelligence

Avence Intelligence

Aside our data validation system, Avence offers a process of intelligent data analysis named Avence Intelligence. The purpose of this analysis protocol is to reflect the average point of view of the target user defined by our partners. This add crucial data to relevance choices in terms of perceived content validity.


Initial Coin Offering

Community of people working all together on Avence to build the future of blockchain

100% for the community

Companies have an increasing need in human validation resources. Our decentralized peer to peer service will provide their demand. With the help of the community and contributors of our ICO we could provide a fully functional service with tokens to manage the distribution.

First contributors will be rewarded for their belief in the project, the value of the token increasing with the feeding of the demand. Companies will directly buy their tokens to the ICO contributors market because 100% of the tokens will be hold by the community.

Our Roadmap

Pre-ICO (Q1 2018)

First contributors, partners & advisors. Token price at 0.04$

Chart graph showing Avence Token value rising
Representation of a smart contract Avence

ICO (Q2 2018)

Smart contract.
Presale price at 0.08$
Public sale price at 0.14$

App (Q1 2019)

First beta of the app. Blockchain opened to the public and companies

A computer with its screen showing Adscot website


Just after the opening of the beta app Adscot will buy the first block of the blockchain to inaugurate the service

Our Team


Romain Derie, our Chief Technology Officer

He is working as a developer at the famous ERP "Odoo" (formerly named openERP). Gifted and talented in IT. With his knowledge of several technologies he masterises the code and architecture embedded in the project as a blockchain evangelist.


Luca Mucciaccio, our Chief Executive Officer

He is working as an IT consultant at the European Commission. He dedicates all his free time in the elaboration of the project. He truly believes that the blockchain is the future and a unique way of thinking.


Luigi Piccicuto, our Chief Operating Officer

Recently graduated as a Master in Management at the Warocqué Business School and Economics in University of Mons, he takes care of the daily agenda of the project and advise the team on the good management of the project.


Sylvain Lefin, our Chief Marketing Officer

With his 9 years of consulting at the European Commission he has the full expertise to conduct a project. As an early cryptocurrency investor he predicts the good and the bad aspects of early blockchain startups. He will focus mainly on marketing thanks to his deep knowledge of the cryptocurrency market.